Developing Your Planning Skills - Consequences, Deadlines, Pressure

The characteristic of an intellectual is his or her ability to foresee the outcomes of an event while maintaining the capability to stay focused. The potential outcomes of any process are the major indicators of how relevant it really is to you and your business. When planning is concerned, determining the significance of a task will help you decide your priorities.

Facing consequences
The truth is that you can always find time for the most important task, but there is never enough time to do it all. For example, you are running out of time and you may face serious consequences if you do not complete the task. You will most certainly find the time to get it done eventually, even if it is at the last minute. Therefore, when you know you have no choice, you will push yourself and stay focused to complete the task rather than having to face unpleasant consequences.
In the business world, managers are known to work up to 130 percent of capacity. This is because the responsibilities, paperwork and reading projects are just pilling and one cannot make time to get it all done within a specific time frame. That’s why many of them are taking their work home. For these reasons, planning skills are crucial. You have to give your best to stay focused. Start with top tasks and leave others for later.

The pressure of deadlines
Why is planning important? The answer is that every task you start will probably take 20% more of your time. It is more effective to better design your planning skills and be prepared for unexpected diversions and hold-ups. Many people feel like they perform better under the pressure of deadlines. But, isn’t it better to increase your planning skills and avoid the deadline pressure? Planning enables you to get the work done in advance of the deadline, feel better and more productive, which will increase your motivation as well. Especially in businesses, it's always beneficial to plan for potential disasters and recovery.

How to complete tasks on time?
Prioritizing your tasks is one of the ways to complete them on time. You need to determine your highest value tasks. In order to do this, consult your boss or colleagues and decide which task you should start with. Your goal is to achieve personal development as well. To do this, ask yourself what can be done by you personally to make a real difference. Moreover, ask yourself this question several times a day to produce the best result possible at that specific time. Realizing the importance of this point will help you stop procrastinating and manage your time accordingly.

In conclusion
There are many ways to increase your planning skills. For you to stop procrastinating, it is important to stay focused and think about the potential consequences if you don’t get the work done, and carefully plan to be ahead of your deadlines.


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